Securing The Entrance & Exit Points To Any Property

Securing The Access Points

Securing and protecting a property is a huge concern for property owners today due to the ease that criminals are using to gain access into secure premises. Criminals are armed with sophisticated equipment that they use to overrun the security of an entrance point. Business and home owners have resorted to being particular with the type of resources and equipment they use in securing their premises. This explains the reason why so many business and home owners are resorting to using electric gates to secure their entrance points.

What Are The Advantages Of Electric Gates?

An electric gate is the type that is capable of being controlled by the owner. This type of a gate will automatically open and close on its own without the need for human intervention. This gate gives the property owner the freedom of only granting access to people whom they want and deny those that they do not wish to meet. No person can gain access to the property without the express authorization of the owner. The property owner is able to see the person or vehicle at their gate through their CCTV surveillance cameras and if they wish to grant them access, they just open for them. The owner on the other hand can be able to open for themselves when they get to the gate using a remote, which can be kept alongside other keys. Electric gates present a perfect way of securing properties from strangers and intruders.

electric gates

Remote Control

People who are looking for the utmost security for their businesses and homes should invest in electric gate kits that allow them to have remote control over their entrance points. The electric gate kit offers the system that will be controlling your gate remotely. This will ensure that even though you are away from your home or business, you can use your CCTV camera surveillance system to see the people trying to get access to your premises and decide whether to let them in or not. You can also open the gate when you are a few metres from your compound to ensure that you do not park at the gate for long waiting for it to open. This might give criminals a window of opportunity to get to you as you wait for the gate to open.

Additional Features

In addition to installing the electric gates, there are some home and business owners who go a step further and install an intercom near the gate. This allows all visitors to first of all contact the person inside the house or business premises before they are granted access into the property. This enhances the security of the properties as all visitors are thoroughly screened before they are allowed to enter. This will ensure that all visitors have a proper reason to be at the premises and eliminates chances of thugs masquerading as delivery personnel and gain easy access when the owner sees them via their CCTV cameras. All persons have to communicate and notify their intentions and reasons for visiting particular properties.

Final Thoughts

A large number of companies are dealing with electric gates and various other types of protection for their premises today, and a search on the internet will give property owners with a list of trusted dealers. Property owners should get inquiries from such companies prior to securing their services in order to ensure they get the best deal. They will be able to get the right advice on the best type of gate as well as any additional features they might require depending on their needs.

Choosing a CCTV Installation Company

using a CCTV Installation company to get the job done

Research into the right CCTV installation company to meet your needs

Research your potential suppliers

When it comes to having a CCTV installation performed, you want to make sure that you choose the right person, team or company to do the job. This is because a CCTV system is a delicate and a fragile one and you want to ensure that the job gets done right the first time around. After all, a CCTV system does not come cheap and you also want to make sure that everything is working as it should for security purposes. That said, with all of this in mind, we provide you with a few tips on how to choose a CCTV installation company that will deliver on the task like Unison CCTV.

Getting a reliable CCTV installation

First off, look for credibility. It would be very helpful if you could find a CCTV installation company that you can trust right off the bat. You can do this by asking people that you know well and trust that have used their services before. Think of people you know that have CCTV systems and ask them for referrals or recommendations. If that proves fruitless, conduct an on line search. Click on the first few results that come up and see which websites or companies resonate with you in terms of what they have to offer, pricing, etc. Write down the names of the CCTV installation companies that end up on your shortlist and make an appointment to see them or to speak with a staff member. This way, you will be able to get a feel of the company and decide which one is right for you.

Job done!

Once you are leaning towards a specific CCTV installation company, check out their reviews and testimonials on line. This is one great way to let you know what previous customers think about the company and whether you can trust them to get the job done.